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10th Mid-Atlantic Dairy Grazing Conference - 2014

November 12th and13th | Spence Field (grounds of the Sunbelt Ag Expo) Moultrie, GA

The 10th Mid-Atlantic Dairy Grazing Conference is now one for the record books. However, if you are interested in delving deeper into the Conference Proceedings, links are provided here. These links provide access to the materials that were in the Dairy Grazing Conference notebook, and a few other articles that are only available on the web.

Table of Contents

Southeastern Pasture-Based Dairying
Pasture Based Genetics
Supplementing Forages

Section 1: Tours

  Wehner Farms Overview
  The Little's Overview
  Healthy, Productive Soils Checklist For Growers
  Unlock the Secrets in the Soil, Basic Benefits
  Unlock Your Farm's Potential; Discover the Cover
  Unlock Your Farm's Potential; Do not Disturb
  Healthy Soils are: Well- Stuctured

Section 2: Southeastern Pasture-Based DairyingPDF

  Management Paractices of Pasture-Based Dairies in GA/FL
  Economics of Pasture-Based Dairying in the Southeast
  Barriers to Adoption of Pasture-Based Dairying in the Southeast
  Economics of Conventional versus Grazing versus Hybrid Dairy Production Systems

Section 3: Pasture Based Genetics

  Experiences in Sire Selection and Genetic Improvements in the Southeast
  What’s on the Horizon for Selection/Genetics for Sub-Tropical/Tropical Climates
  Review Paper: Genetic considerations for various pasture-based dairy systems

Section 4: Supplementing Forages

  Supplementing the Pasture-Based Dairy Cow: Is Corn Silage an Option?
  Keys to Good Corn Silage Yields
  Harvesting and Ensiling High Quality Corn Silage on a Small Scale
  BMR Sorghum x Sudangrass and Other Alternatives to Corn Silage
  Feeding Corn Silage to Pasture-Based Dairy Cattle
  Economics of Integrating Corn Silage into the Pasture-Based Dairy
  Feeding Corn Silage to Pasture- Based Dairy Cattle