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The Impact of the Georgia Grazing School - 2007 to 2010

The modern precursor to the Georgia Grazing School was first held in the 2003. This program has been held annually since 2007. In this program, participants have an opportunity to receive two days of instruction from experts in forage agronomy, grazing system design, livestock nutrition, pest management, and livestock economics. This instruction involves approximately 70% classroom training and 30% hands-on demonstrations and farm visits. The program covers the rationale for improved grazing management, but spends the majority of the time presenting the BMPs of management-intensive grazing (MiG).

In the summer of 2011, a follow-up evaluation was conducted via a web-based survey instrument ( The survey was sent to 134 email addresses representing 147 participants of the Grazing School between 2007-2010 [ 8 email addresses were invalid (126 participants received survey)]. Of those receiving the survey, 41 completed the survey (41/126 = 32.5% return). A summary of the results of this survey can be found here.